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to be a Confident, Persuasive and an Effective Speaker?

People who are great public speakers have an enormous advantage over colleagues and competitors who are not. Effective public speakers gain support, sales, and influence. They also have better careers.
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What I do

I help you,  in a fun and dynamic way, to STAND OUT when you SPEAK UP.

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to engage and connect with the audience.  I share my incredible story and journey along with topics on Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement & Personal Growth.

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corporate teams in how to become effective speakers and presenters, how to communicate effectively within teams and with clients or customers. 

I Coach...

executives on the psychology of communication and assist them with specific events such as trade show presentation, project pitches and job interviews.

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What my clients say...

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Karen on multiple occasions, and she always proved to be a skilled communicator, a marvellous educator and a great leader.  She has a special way of owning the audience with her smile and energy – a true example of an experienced public speaker that I will always learn from” 

Mohammed Qahatani

World Champion in Public Speaking 2015

“Karen O’Donnell brings her positive, can-do attitude to every endeavour, and has been a reliable and valued advisor. Karen’s presentations are engaging and her speaking style is warm-hearted, empathetic, and inclusive. I look forward to continued collaboration with Karen, and benefitting from her smart ideas, calming presence, and unwavering positivity and support.”

Karen Henry

Digital Marketing Strategist, Accenture Dublin

My Wake-up Call to Speak Up...

It was a glorious day on 4thAugust 2006 when I attended the maternity hospital with my husband to have my second child.  Like any expectant parent, we were excited and so looking forward to meet our new baby.

Callum was born by caesarean section @2pm.   At 2:20pm whilst in the recovery ward I turned to my husband Fran and said ‘look after Callum’, I felt a chocking sensation, as the life drained from me, I gasped and stopped breathing. 

The surreal scene before me was one of chaos, commotion and desperation as hospital staff spent over 20 minutes trying to revive me. 

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