Communication is Key to achieving a Corporate Competitive Edge

Ongoing group sessions (max 10 participants) is key to learning new skills or improving on skills you already have. Karen can assist you in advancing your career by
building your communication skills.

Repetition is the key and progress is more effective and long lasting.
Program can be customised based on the requirements of the participants. 

Sessions are presented over several days. This approach ensures that participants have the opportunity to take on board the individual feedback given and apply this learning to the next session. Progress is more effective and longer lasting.
Each participant will be videoed several times and will receive private feedback – this gives you the opportunity to review and reinforce your learning, and together, we’ll create step ­by step action plans for your continuous improvement.

Our Corporate Communications program is not only fun; but you or your team will walk away with usable strategies to make connections, build relationships, and strengthen presentation skills.

  • Examination of structure and language of your business communication; 
  • Some of the areas frequently covered include how to:
  • Examination of structure and language of your business communication;
  • Receive constructive feedback on your current skills;
  • Craft & convey your message to captivate your audience;
  • Increase your impact with effective body language and vocal variety;
  • Present powerful visual aids to enhance your message; and
  • Eliminate distracting sounds/habits that detract from your message.

Lets breathe life back into Business Communication & project
a confident, professional, polished image - click HERE to enhance your teams communication skills.