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Connect Communicate Collaborate


Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations is the fine art of ENQUIRY – of asking questions;  seeking clarification so as you understand what is being said & building a relationship based on curiosity and interest in the other person.

Employee Engagement

The next frontier for exponential growth, the place you will find a new and sustainable competitive edge, lies in the area of human connectivity – internally with staff and externally with your marketplace.

Corporate Communication Program

Equip your team with use-able strategies to make connections, build relationships and strengthen presentation skills.

Executive Key Edge

Our intense, one to one sessions are ideal for that special speech or to achieve a ‘perfect pitch presentation’.

Coaching with a Difference!

Empowering, cutting-edge tools to achieve peak performance in business & relationships.


“I’ve known Karen since December 2015 when I reached out to her with a request for support to help me in my goal of improving the communication skills of my team in work. From day 1 Karen has shown herself to be an extremely positive and supportive person with excellent communication and leadership skills. She exudes energy and has demonstrated that she has vast expertise in the areas of communication and team leadership. As a result, my team has gone from strength to strength. We owe a lot to Karen for all the work that she has done with us.” 


Paul Thompson

Customer Experience Leader Google Ireland

“I enrolled on Karen’s  6 week Group Communications Program.  Each session was brim with helpful tips and constructive feedback from Karen.   We all presented in front of video and by the end of the program, it was great to see the progress we had made.  I found Karen’s work to be absolutely relevant to being able to communicate effectively.  Karen’s advice and ability to work with you to make your communication more meaningful and ability to be heard, are excellent.”

Francis Connell


I’ve had the privilege to work with Karen on multiple occasions, and she always proved to be a skilled communicator, a marvellous educator and a great leader.  She has a special way of owning the audience with her smile and energy – a true example of an experienced public speaker that I will always learn from ”

Mohammed Qahtani

2015 World Champion of Public Speaking