Coaching with a Difference!

helping hand coachingAs an accredited Journey Therapist and Radical Forgiveness Coach,  in addition to her Counselling studies at Maynooth College, Karen has combined these various disciplines to create Intuitive Coaching. Undoubtedly, these tools can assist you in clearing roadblocks to your progress, thus creating the life you want to live.

"My bespoke coaching service enables countless clients achieve a true return to health,
confidence & success. Put yourself in the driving seat of your life." 

Dynamic Coaching

Without doubt, Karen is passionate about the development of Emotional Intelligence in the work environment. In
particular, assisting teams become aware of actions and feelings and how they affect those around
them.  Without doubt, by enhancing team dynamics – teams can work more effectively.  In fact, this ensures that goals of the organisation are met in a mature and coordinated fashion.
Through Karen's cutting edge tools, clients can undoubtedly achieve peak performance in business.   That is to say, as a coach, Karen is in the business of possibilities, resulting in clients in materialising their goals.

If you are looking to make positive changes then Karen will assist you in clarifying your thinking on the
way forward, thus enabling you to transform, empower and grow in all areas of your life.
Take the positive step to life's challenges; excel and improve confidence & self esteem.

“Karen O’Donnell is insightful and optimistic with a refreshing and authentic approach to coaching. She undoubtedly works
at a deeper level, understanding what really drives and inspires you.  This results in you bringing your deepest wisdom and
aspirations into alignment with what you do. Karen’s wealth of experience, combined with her familiarity of
cutting edge Intuitive life ­coaching tools, indeed makes her a Coach you can rely on whatever your life circumstances. Karen
is naturally intuitive and along with her insightful approach, delivers powerful results.”
During the last 15 years Karen have developed a powerful roadmap for psychological and spiritual
transformation, resulting in a process that can create genuine happiness in our lives. This roadmap is indeed shared over the
course of her coaching sessions. In relationship coaching sessions, effective communication techniques are
also some of the positive benefits obtained from this work.

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