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Karen specialises in “guiding clients” through their comfort zones to get “even better results” they deserve!

With an background in HR and Coaching, Karen's expertise is valued in all areas of communication, as well as presentations.

Through Karen's cutting edge tools, clients can undoubtedly achieve peak performance in business.  

That is to say, as a coach, Karen is in the business of possibilities, resulting in clients  materialising their goals.


 Dynamic Coaching

Without doubt, Karen is passionate about the development of Emotional Intelligence in the work environment. In particular, assisting teams become aware of actions and communication styles which can affect those around them.  Communication is vital in all aspects of work.  However it seems one of the most common outcomes of communication is misunderstanding.  Being misunderstood happens more frequently then we perhaps are aware of and is a large cost to companies!  Without doubt, by enhancing team dynamics – teams can work more effectively.  In fact, this ensures that goals of the organisation are met in a mature and coordinated fashion.

Effective communication can enhance client and employee engagement.

Powerful roadmap to Transformation

During the last 15 years Karen have developed a powerful roadmap for psychological transformation, resulting in a process that can create the motivation to achieve goals in business. This roadmap is indeed shared over the
course of her coaching sessions.  Effective communication techniques are also some of the positive benefits obtained from this work.

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