Karen O'Donnell, DTM    Speaker  ♦  Trainer  ♦  Coach 

Karen has studied, researched, and provided coaching for over 20 years in the fields of Business and Personal Development.  Karen has worked internationally as a consultant in personal and business development.  She has worked with government agencies, educational establishments, companies, and non-profit organisations in the areas of training, mentoring, motivation and communication.

Karen O’Donnell has 20 years’ experience of working with clients in a variety of roles over her career. With a background in HR, for a multi-cultural company in Saudi Arabia, Karen has delved deep into her personal and professional skills to meet the needs of the organisation.  

As an experienced Coach, Karen is passionate about the development of Emotional Intelligence.  Corporations are seeing the positive impact it has on employees in the work environment.  Assisting teams in becoming aware of actions and feelings and the impact they have on productivity is particularly effective.  By enhancing team dynamics – teams can work towards meeting goals of the organisation in a mature and coordinated fashion.

Karen's energy and enthusiasm motivates her teams effortlessly.  Using humour, Karen easily builds rapport with her teams.  As a highly trained & skillful communicator, Karen delivers training programmes in a fun and impactful way.  Karen has contributed to various media outlets and has conducted a variety of training seminars and workshops.   on various aspects of corporate and personal development

With a keen eye and ear, Karen is attuned to understanding the motivations and driving forces behind clients’ challenges. Karen draws on her holistic training and counselling skills when working with clients.  Undoubtedly, to empathise with others so that they feel understood making it easier for them to take the next step.

Karen is  also passionate about challenging herself professionally by keeping herself update on the latest innovative tools in communication and leadership to improve the quality of her client’s professional life.    Her clients benefit from her specific skills and techniques.   Indeed, these are essential to help people become compelling and convincing public speakers and business leaders.

All of this is done in conjunction with raising a family of three children with her husband Fran in the lovely idyllic town of Baltinglass. 

To speak with Karen and discuss how she can be of benefit to you, please contact her here.

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