Employee engagement - team dynamics

Current statistics show that globally, only 13% of employees are actively engaged!

Many team leaders are looking for ways to engage, inspire and develop their team members. 

With experience in HR & Coaching, Karen has designed  the DIALECT model.  This organic model explores your  teams dynamics.  It also assesses the emotional commitment an employee has to your company and its goals.  DIALECT assesses & creates the specific language for your teams based on the organisation mission, purpose and values.  Engagement in your organisation is driven by a variety of approaches.  These approaches are specific low-cost, turnkey solutions and action plans, based on 7 key drivers of employee engagement.    

Employment engagement is one of the most fundamental workplace elements which is predictive of business outcomes such as productivity, employee turnover and customer perceptions of service. 

Imagine for a moment, having a fulling engaged team where each employee believes in the direction the organisation is going.  Where each team member feels like an integral part of your organisation.  Where each member feels a real sense of belonging and where they are actively encouraged to communicate with peer and leaders.  Imagine each member feeling like their input really mattered and were recognised for this on a frequent basis.  Picture these team members enthusiastically assisting your customers and promoting your brand. 

Your team and company can Soar to Success by actively employing the DIALECT model!