Effective communication skills are not only necessary, it is an essential for today's Executive.  Enhanced communication skills ensures effective leadership skills.  

Individual Executive Key Edge session will ‘fast track’ your progress and hone these valuable skills.  Our initial session will involve laser focus coaching, aimed to highlight possible obstacles and give you the tools to clear these out effectively.

These individual sessions will assist you in becoming a more confident, articulate, and comfortable communicator - an essential skill.

Repetition is the key to learning new skills or improving on skills you already have. By listening to your needs, your program can be customised to fit your time frame accordingly.

With this in mind, programs can be presented in several ways:­

Sessions to perfect an important speech or presentation.
A course of regular ongoing sessions.

Frequent videoing of your presentations/speeches is encouraged to ensure accurate feedback.  This gives you the opportunity to review and reinforce your learning, and together, we’ll create step by ­step action plans for your continuous improvement.

Some of the areas frequently covered include how to:

Examination of structure and language of your business communication;
Receive constructive feedback on your current skills;
Craft & convey your message to captivate your audience;
Increase your impact with effective body language and vocal variety;
Present powerful visual aids to enhance your message; and
Eliminate distracting sounds/habits that detract from your message.

Call HERE to book your free 30 minute no obligation, consultation. We will assess your specific needs and discuss how best I can assist you and the type of coaching program suited to your individuation requirements.