I joined Toastmasters in 2013 with the view of improving my presentation skills.award man and woman 

I have won many speech contests at club level and above, however two particular awards stand out for me.


District Toastmaster of the year 15/16

In a District with over 5000 members, I was awarded District Toastmaster of the Year 15/16, in recognition of exceptional leadership and devoted service. This is the highest award you can get in District. 


man and woman awardDistinguished Toastmaster 2016

This is the highest award you can obtain within Toastmasters International.  Less than 2% of  people who start this program will reach this level of achievement.  It involves giving over 50 speeches and presentations at several training groups.  It also involves a high level of leadership and support to new clubs. 



District Leadership Team

An active leader within the District which encompasses Ireland, and most of the UK.

woman on stage in google

Assisted many teams within companies to enhance their communication and presentation skills including Accenture & Google.





Community Projects

Within our communities, I have brought these essential skills to various groups.  The Women’s prison in Dublin. Transition year students in several schools and universities.  Both my coaching background, HR and Public Speaking enabled me to skilfully assist these diverse groups.


I was invited to present a public speaking program to the women at the Dochas Centre, Womens Prison, in Dublin.

The women learned the art of effectively communicating and thoroughly enjoyed receiving praise and recommendations from the other women. They learned to connect, communicate and co-operate with each other.  These women spoke from the heart.

students in lecture hallUniversities

The medical Faculty in UCD requested my assistance in running public speaking workshops.  These experiential workshops proved very effective.  I was also involved in a recent event in Royal College of Surgeons where over 100 students attended.




Transition Year Students.

Providing our Youth with communication skills has benefit them in many areas of their lives.teenagers and mentors

I found the experience so rewarding and educational.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with all these amazing people!